Dark MXTX Month

October - November

A month long event to celebrate dead dove content around MoXiang TongXiu's three novels

Any sort of fan creation is allowed! Fanfics, artwork, edits, AMV’s, playlists, etc, as long as it is entirely yours. Old creations are allowed as long as they’re tagged appropriately.
No reposted/stolen art/fic will be allowed
Tag your work appropriately. This is a week where anything goes and not everything is going to be everyone’s cup of tea; let’s help people avoid any content they don’t want to see.
Please use a privatter link if your work is explicit and add visible, non-censored warnings on the tweet.
You can post your creation on Twitter with the #darkmxtxmonth tag or with our @mxtxdark handle for us to retweet.
If you post on AO3, please add your work to the Dark MXTX Month collection.
You can post at any time during the posting period, even if you missed a particular prompt day. The twitter account will continue to RT for the entire month of November.
And above all else, have fun!! Even if you don’t create anything, just sharing the love is greatly appreciated!

What is the Dark MXTX month?

This is a month long event focusing on the three novels by MoXiang TongXiu
Each novels have their own dark, painful moments and we've decided to honor them by making this event dark themed only.
There are two prompts for each day, a prompt inspired by a specific element of one of the three novels, and a more general dark prompt. You may use one or both to inspire your creation!

When will the event will be held?

October - November, 2021

What do we mean by dark?

Anything that would require an archive warning on Ao3, from explicit violence and suffering, to underage characters having sex, to rape/non-con, etc...

What kind of works are allowed?

Everything is allowed. Art, fanfiction, AMVs, playlists, anything that rocks your boat and is yours.

If I want to use a prompt from, say, the SVSSS week, to create something for MDZS or TGCF, would that be allowed?

Absolutely! That's why we opted for both specific and general prompts this year. Use any prompt you like to create something for any of the three novels. We'd love to see it!

Do I have to use both prompts?
Nope! You can use whichever one of the two calls out to you. But kudos to you if you decide to use both!!

Are there any restrictions?

No. We only ask you to use your works only (old or new) and to tag it properly to avoid any possible triggers for anyone. We're here to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Where do I post my work when it's done?

You can post your works on either Twitter or AO3, or both.

How do I post my work when it's done?

Any content should be posted with proper tags, no matter where you post. Explicit works should be posted under a privatter link with clear tags and warnings on your tweet.
On Twitter, don't forget to use the #darkmxtxmonth or @mxtxdark tags so we can retweet your works.
On AO3, submit your work in the dark MXTX month collection.

I missed the theme day for my work, can I still post it?

Of course! We will keep retweeting works during November!

Where can I follow the event's happenings or ask questions?

You can follow the event on Twitter @mxtxdark and ask us questions, on our Curiouscat and/or come join us on our Discord server to brainstorm, chat, sprint, etc… (you must be 18 or more to be there)

I want to participate but I don't feel comfortable doing so publicly.

That's OK! You can either send us your work through DMs on Twitter for us to post anonymously or you can post your work on the AO3 collection under anonymous and we will tweet it with a link on our Twitter.
Send us a DM on Twitter if you don't want us to tweet your Ao3 work.

I have something that doesn't follow any specific prompt; will it be accepted?

Absolutely. The prompts are there as a guideline or inspiration, tag us or use the hashtag for the event and we'll retweet it even if it doesn't fit the day's prompt. Your work should fall under the dark main theme of the event though.

This event will run for the entire month of October, but we'll continue to RT and accept in the Ao3 collection stuff posted during November, so don't worry about missing a date!

October 1st
OG Characters

October 2nd
Demon race

October 3rd
Dark!Peak lords

October 4

October 5

October 6
Fuck or die
Courtesan AU

October 7

October 8

October 9
YiLing Patriarch era

October 10
Dark!Gusu Lan
Replacement sex

October 11
Yi City
Sex slaves

October 12
Fierce corpses

October 13
Sunshot campaign

October 14
Fucked to death

October 15

October 16
Broken family
Ritual sex

October 17

October 18

October 19
The three tumors
Breath play

October 20
Virginity kink
Heat cycles

October 21
Gambling den

October 22
Hanging upside down
Sensory deprivation

October 23
Bai wuxiang!Xie Lian

October 24
Limb cutting

October 25
Mean parents
Blood play

October 26
Role reversal
Monster fucking

October 27
Gore/Body horror
Size difference

October 28
Exhibitionism/ Voyeurism

October 29

October 30
Dark!Love interest

October 31